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Custom Airbrush Spray Tanning
 With custom airbrush spray tanning, a technician uses a spray gun to apply a fine
 mist of solution evenly over your entire body.  This is a more custom & personalized
 touch compared to the stand-up booth sprays.  Your color will last for 5 - 7 days.

 Sessions take approximately 10-15 minutes
 Must make appointment

 $ 40.00 / per session
Sunless Tanning
At Sunsations Tanning, we offer UV free sunless tanning.

​Norvell Sunless solutions are our preferred choice for custom airbrush
Here are some helpful instructions for the pre spray tan:
1)  Make sure to exfoliate 1 day before your session.  This will remove dry, dead skin,
     which will help your color last longer.
2) Do not apply lotion the day of your spray.  This can keep the solution from sticking.
3) The day of your session, make sure you have no makeup, lotion or deodorant on.
4) Wear loose, dark clothing for your trip home.  Tight fitting clothing can rub off the    instant cosmetic bronzer that is applied.
5) During your session, wear what your most comfortable in.  Men must wear bottoms.
6) Shaving, waxing & pedicures should be done day before session.